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Big Carp Net Photo Gallery Big Carp Net Photo Gallery Big Carp Net Photo Gallery

Big Carp Net FAQ

  1. Registering?
  2. Is this service free?
  3. How much storage space do I get?
  4. How many images can I upload?
  5. How do I optimise my images?
  6. What is maximum image size allowed?
  7. Promoting products and services
  8. Acceptable images





In order to register you MUST supply a working email address, this address will receive a registration conformation link, this must be clicked on to complete registration, if clicking does not work cut and paste into browser web site address bar.
Note. Please check email account is active and Inbox is not full as some free email providers such as HotMail expire if not used and have limited storage space.

Is this service free?
Yes, the basic personal gallery is free.

How much storage space do I get?
Current storage allocation is 20mb

How many images can I upload?
As many as fits in your allocated storage space, the smaller and more optimised your images the more you can upload.

How do I optimise my images?
Images are optimised or compressed using software such as PhotoImpact. Best formats to use for photos are jpg and png. Alternately if you upload an image that is greater then the maximum resolution, our backend scripts will re-size it and set jpg compression to 65. Note image uploaded must not be greater then 100kb

Key points:

  • Crop image, can reduce file size greatly
  • Reduce resolution (viewed dimensions i.e.. 250x250)
  • Increase compression

What is maximum image size allowed?
The maximum image resolution is 800x800 pixels, the maximum size in KB is 100kb

Promoting goods and services?
We do not allow product promotion pictures, however if you produce a product then you can add your personal pictures, which of course may have comments about what tackle or bait used.

What we don't allow is:

  • Pictures with product names on them
  • Blatant product promotion such; "carp caught at xyz venue, if you want to catch this fish..." etc
  • Commercial web site links in comments.

Acceptable images?
We operate a catch and release policy, no dead fish. Fish should also be caught with rod and line, no stocking programme pictures - see above point.


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